Is it worth Investing in Townsquare Area Dubai?

Town Square is one of Dubai’s most big projects. This new neighborhood is large enough to be called a suburb in its own right. There are community centers, retail stores, entertainment areas, parks, and other amenities in the neighborhood. 

Town Square living is all about affordably luxurious living. Town Square, located on Al Qudra Road, is a picturesque suburban neighborhood created for modern living. It is Dubai’s southernmost residential enclave, bordered to the north by Motor City, Remraam, and Arabian Ranches.  

Town Square has raised the standard for premium residential complexes in Dubai by providing an exclusive blend of amenities and services. The region provides a range of residential alternatives as well as a dynamic, modern lifestyle, which adds to its overall appeal as one of Dubai’s most favored residential districts. 

No place in Dubai is flawless, no matter where you reside. Similarly, there are certain benefits and drawbacks to residing in Town Square. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of Town Square might help you make a more informed decision about renting or purchasing a house in the region. 




Let’s start with the advantages of living in Town Square. 


1.The Benefit of Choosing  

If you want to live in Town Square, you may locate properties that meet your lifestyle and residential needs. The neighborhood is organized into sub-communities that rent and sell various flats, villas, and townhouses. 

Town Square’s modern apartments come in one, two, and three-bedroom designs. The gated enclave is extremely popular among singles searching for Dubai studio rentals. Townhouses in Town Square come in three- and four-bedroom configurations. There are also beautiful villas with gardens and swimming pools, available in 3 and 4-bed configurations. 


2.Low Rent 

Town Square is a growingly popular neighborhood for renting out apartments in Dubai. The well-appointed neighborhood is especially popular with families and people who want to get away from the rush and bustle of life in Dubai. Modern flats, exquisite townhouses, and opulent villas are available for rent in this area. 

When compared to houses in other similar communities, the rental costs here are reasonable. Townhouses in Town Square may be rented for as little as AED 90,000. Apartments for rent in Town Square start at AED 38k, while studio rentals range from AED 27k to 40k. Rental villas in Town Square start at AED 92k for individuals searching for larger residences. 


3.Perfect for Families  

You may choose a house that is appropriate for your family and lifestyle, with homes ranging in size from large to compact. Town Square was designed specifically to give people with a setting where they may attain work-life balance. This tranquil suburban community has wonderful playgrounds for children, parks for communal use, and covered walks and cycling tracks for internal movement. 

In addition, Town Square will soon feature stylish boutique hotels and around 500 retail outlets to provide residents’ basic shopping and entertainment needs. Furthermore, cafes in Arabian Ranches and the Reem neighborhood are close. Mudon neighborhood and Dubai Studio City both include gyms and exercise facilities. To summarize, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy in order to live a healthy, luxurious lifestyle.

4.Living peacefully  

Town Square is a peaceful place. Town Square, one of the greatest areas to rent townhouses in Dubai, is excellent for families looking for a tranquil environment. Alongside from a diverse selection of residences, the community is self-sufficient, with an abundance of services and amenities built for a comfortable lifestyle. This gated community in Dubai is surrounded by beautiful green gardens and excellent waterworks, and it is located near Al Qudra Lake. 

Town Square, located away from the main city, offers pure air and surroundings free of noise and pollution. This community is suitable for people who want a slower pace of life while yet enjoying a lively modern lifestyle enhanced by amenities and the delights of communal living. 


The Drawbacks OF Living in TOWN SQUARE  

The benefits of residing in Town Square make it an appealing neighborhood for the majority of people. However, there are a few things you should think about before migrating to Town Square. 


1.Farther from everything 

Town Square’s suburban setting means less traffic, noise, and pollution. However, it places the neighborhood too far from Dubai’s key commercial and recreational areas. This peaceful neighborhood is 33 minutes from Business Bay. It may take up to 30 minutes to get to D3 and Dubai Internet City. 

Town Square is also around 30 minutes away from entertainment hubs such as Dubai Marina, Bluewaters Island, and JBR. Dubai Sports City is about a 20-minute drive away. These journey times may be extended further depending on traffic conditions. The bottom line is that if you are thinking about relocating to Town Square, you should evaluate the commute distances and timeframes before making a choice. 


2.Lacking Public Transportation  

There is no lack of parking spots in Town Square, which is convenient for homeowners who own personal automobiles basically all of the time. The location of Town Square may be troublesome for those who rely on public transportation. 

If you don’t have personal vehicle, the community’s distance from the main city and minimal public transportation might make commuting difficult. The nearest bus station is nearly 10 minutes away in The Sustainable City. The nearest metro station, located in Dubai Internet City, is 30 minutes away. 


3.The majority of amenities are located outside of the community.  

Town Square in Dubai is a primarily residential neighborhood. As a result, there are no schools, hospitals, or other facilities in the neighborhood. However, these amenities are still close by, with the majority of them located in neighboring municipalities. 

Families with kids may find the Jebel Ali School, which is about a 10-minute drive away, to be the nearest school in the DAMAC Hills complex. Aster Clinic in Arabian Ranches, a 10-minute drive from Town Square, is the nearest medical facility. The closest church is at Jebel Ali, while the closest mosque is in Reem. 



It is entirely up to you whether you rent or invest in properties in Town Square. We’ve gathered a list of the benefits and drawbacks of living in Town Square to help you determine whether it’s a suitable fit for you. 

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