Surge in Luxury Real Estate Prices Signaling Rebound of Real-Estate Market

Overseas investors loaded with money have rushed Dubai’s high-end real estate market, one of the few locations worldwide where they may eat, shop, and run a business in person, while vaccinations pass down unevenly globally and waves of illnesses compel countries to extend restrictions. 

There is just one strategy in Dubai: keep doing what you’re doing. 

“Let’s make sure everyone gets vaccinated and keep everything open,” Dubai’s motive. 

Overseas investors loaded with money have rushed Dubai’s high-end real estate market, among the few locations in the world where they may eat, shop, and run a business in person, while vaccinations reach out unevenly throughout the world and waves of illnesses compel countries to extend restrictions. They’re rushing to buy a slew of luxury villas and penthouses, driving up prices in this dynamic market. 

The emirate’s fast reaction to the pandemic, which made it one of the first places in the world to construct a road to normalcy despite the global lockdowns, contributed to the increase in revenue. 

The inclination of purchasing properties costing $10 million or more in the uae might indicate the beginning of a new “Roaring Twenties” for worldwide residential real estate, which also notes that the number of luxury properties purchased in the uae this year is at its highest level since 2015. 

When compared with the previous year, revenues of Dubai’s upmarket properties increased by 230 percent in the first quarter of 2021. Rates in some high-end locations increased by as much as 40%. 

The recovery of Dubai’s uber prime market is part of a larger worldwide trend, signaling the start of a new era in worldwide real estate. Dubai is second only to London in terms of million-dollar properties, with over 42,000. 

Last month, a total of 90 properties valued a total of 10 million dirhams (US$2.7 million) passed to the buyers, beating a record set eight years ago. 

In the year 2020, there were only 54 such sales. 

Many people are swooping in and acquiring multimillion-dollar homes on the spot, with little time to conduct their research. 

The ultra-luxury end of the market is an excellent indicator of overall market mood. And luxury house purchases in Dubai look to be on the rise following the COVID conference. 

The Palm Jumeirah has seen the greatest high-end property sales, with a $30.3 million estate being the costliest to sell this year. 


What does this imply? 

Dubai continues to be the essence of lifestyle living, and the recent rise in interest confirms its attraction to rich purchasers searching for well-designed, luxury houses on the beach. 

The current feeling in both the super-prime and prime sectors is positive, with international investors remaining to be drawn to Dubai as a real estate investment destination. 


Is it beneficial to invest in real estate in Dubai?

Rental incomes in the city are greater than in many other established real estate markets. Investors may expect total rental returns of 5-9 percent on average. Dubai’s property costs per sq foot are lesser than in many other cities across the world, making premium real estate attainable. 

In Q3, 2021, the real estate market in Dubai showed an increasing trend, with a projected 14 percent growth in affordable homes and up to a 30 percent rise in luxury housing in specific locations. 

Prices jumped 1.9 percent in July throughout the overall Dubai market, reaching the ninth consecutive month of price increases. 

Dubai has marketed itself as the world’s pandemic-friendly holiday destination since reopening to guests. International travelers increasingly party in Dubai’s crowded bars and on its beaches, with photographs at luxury resorts and helicopter pads sparking animosity back home. 

Dubai has seen a rise in entrepreneurial and investment activity as a result of the recently announced golden visa program and 100 percent business ownership laws. The impact of these measures is being seen in the rental housing market, with demand and prices both increasing significantly this year. 

According to quarterly real estate market reports from various property portals, tenants looking for affordable flats preferred Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Dubai Silicon Oasis, Bur Dubai, Al Nahda and Deira in the third quarter, while tenants looking for luxury apartments preferred Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, City Walk and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). 

The increase in demand and real estate prices is attributed to a shift in desire toward luxury properties, the return of international investors to Dubai, and expatriate-friendly regulations. 

Dubai has designed to cater clients who seek a decent home at a reasonable rate without compromising on the quality, with a magnificent proven record demonstrating stability in ensuring the best standard of affordable luxury homes and ensuring absolute attention-to-detail through every stage of the development procedure. 

With a surge in pre-sales and price increases, the rebound in interest for residential property has mostly benefited luxury builders. 

Many sectors, including the real estate market, have come to a standstill as a result of the worldwide epidemic. Notwithstanding this, the remainder of 2021 and the next year seem to be promising. The property sector is expected to begin a gradual upward rebound as tourism in Dubai recovers and travel restrictions are lifted. 

Dubai has established itself as one of the safest destinations to go post-pandemic because of its high vaccination rate, allowing the emirate to open its doors to many opportunities across all industries, not just tourism. 

Dubai wants to make it easy for consumers to find a home that is both luxurious and affordable. With the real estate business in the country gathering up speed. The present premium residences, as well as the forthcoming ones, are all well prepared to meet the predicted demand of purchasers seeking luxury and well-equipped residences at affordable costs, built on our pillars of quality, locality, and amenities.” 

According to market statistics, flats, which account for 85-90 percent of all properties, had a 6% surge in prices in the second quarter. 

Demand generated by enhanced consumer preference, increasing oil and gas prices, high vaccination numbers in Dubai, and the town’s organizing of the World Expo, which was postponed by a year owing to the pandemic, is expected to boost real estate in Dubai in 2021-2022. 

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